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By Sheila Bacon, BGGMobile

Below is my take on the EMarketing 2012 Trends for mobile marketing.

Consumers expect this to be seamless across all 3 screens, they tend to be device agnostic. An important point is that technology adoption is accelerating rapidly, while consumer expectations about delivery and content accessibility are rising. As devices grow more, the demand for streaming audio and mobile apps increases.

Checking IN (manually) is far from mainstream as location based services rely mostly on smart phone users. This is a high growth area– back in 2008 it was only 40% of smartphone users– according to HipCricket it is now up to 54% of smart phone users using geolocation.

The next wave of location is about ENABLING COMMERCE. Lots of attention for Time sensitive deals, while generating loyalty. We expect retail ad dollars will follow shoppers. Consumer interest in mobile wallet service is growing but the value proposition is not there yet ( because retailers and marketers have not gotten fully on board).

Branded apps were referred to as “Magnetic content” which when it goes viral is a big hit because it can by pas consumer’s basic dislike for advertising and fully engage them. Less about a static push (traditional advertising) and more about engaged conversations.

Better reach for Video is going to be driven by the rapidly growing mobile TV audience.

 Frequently internet users contradict themselves about privacy concerns.– key issue: Who has control over what is shared and when?

The reality seems to be that a majority of consumers simply don’w want to know what data is being collected– allowing them a form of control.  Watch this space…