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What User Experience are you directing via mobile?

Mobile “context” or user experience is vastly different from that of a desktop  — just as the web was from brick and mortar of the last century.Just like the early adopters of the Internet like Amazon, Staples, Yahoo, Facebook, Verisign and many others have been able to see the value of the new technology and take advantage of it, mobile land grab is going on right now.  And it’s moving at ten times the break-necking speed of the Internet growth of only a decade ago.
Today, it is patently absurd to think that any company would sit on a sidelines of the internet with a static brochure-ware site waiting for the visit numbers to catch up to their brick-and-mortar visitors before they invest into a transaction-capable ecommerce platform.  Yet this is exactly what I see going on in Mobile space.
Investment in Mobile Technology should be driven by your Vision of what this new channel can do for your business.