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If you don’t have a mobile website (60% of businesses don’t) build one. A very high percentage of mobile web searches are looking for contact details. If you have retail outlets, make the mobile site location-aware, and expose the telephone number to ensure you can be dialed with a single finger prod. Link to your favorite mapping resource. Make all information easily shareable.

2. Increase your mobile retail presence. If you don’t own retail outlets, ensure that your distribution database is made securely available for your potential consumers and for your retailers to make use of the same data. Keep the data up to date.

3. Provide entertaining mobile content. Think of your social web and mobile assets as more like a TV program than an ad break. Three-quarters of the content needs to entertain or provide utility.

4. Ensure privacy controls. Privacy is a massive concern but easily addressed. Allow consumers to have control over what they share with your brand. Give them a choice of privacy settings, be absolutely committed to keeping their data secure, and compensate them for their trust with added value or incentives.

5. Use data to enhance your mobile offering. Once you have built the trust of your brand community, make all marketing communications as uniquely targeted as possible. You will have demographics; use technographics such as location, application use, search terms, social data and any other data to target your messages.