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Apple announced new tools to speed up machine learning on the iPhone via a new website, titled “Apple Machine Learning Journal” where you can read posts written by Apple engineers about their work using machine learning technologies. Check out the work of its various engineers working on cutting-edge AI techniques like deep learning.

Apple has been perceived as “lagging behind competitors” like Google and Facebook, both in terms of attracting talent and shipping products. A core weaknesses of Apple’s AI approach was it’s lack of data. Not anymore.

Apple CEO Tim Cook seemed to go to pains to point out non-flashy examples of Apple using AI to very quietly make its products better such as:image recognition in your iphone photos, for example, or the way Apple Music learns from what you have been listening to and adjusts its recommendations accordingly. Even the iPhone battery lasts longer now because the phone’s power management system uses machine learning to study your Apple device usage and adjust accordingly.

So Apple is already collecting a wealth of data on you.

Cook says the fact that the press doesn’t always give Apple credit for its AI may be due to the fact that Apple only likes to talk about the features of products it is ready to ship, while many others “sell futures.” Says Cook: “We are not going to go through things we’re going to do in 2019, ’20, ’21. It’s not because we don’t know that. It’s because we don’t want to talk about that.”

Keep watching this space.