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By 2017 there will be 4 billion mobile smartphone users. That means 4 billion people may have access to a video camera, a GPS device, a gyroscope, an 8 mp photographic lens, a high bandwidth internet connections, a glowing touch screen that is more powerful than what sent us to space in 1969, in their pocket for a cheap price. The opportunity to connect, influence, locate, transact and engage will never be easier.

Business must think about mobile in a different way. All these people suddenly have not just a consumption device but a true publishing tool right in their pocket! Mobile phone adoption will be driving using a “mobile only” process to engage with your business or service. Are you ready? How will your company handle this emerging form of feedback and engagement?

In addition, the vary nature business competes within categories is rapidly changing. Simply said, we all are and will be in the future making more decisions with a mobile computer in front of us. Ecommerce, travel, shopping are still largely a one person interaction. But many companies are trying to find ways to make all of these more socially influenced/ engaged decisions. The opportunity to turn this into a multi-player user experience is clearly ramping up.

The way people discover and consume content will continue to evolve. However, a high priority challenge will be how to handle all of this in real time, how to find a compelling way to help utilize the lens of the connections users have to your business and services.

Think again about how the eco-system of your business-to-user engagement is evolving and what steps you should be taking to leverage this change. What are the milestones linking your mobile strategy to your content, to your design, to your multi-channel support?

People are connecting to more than just a single “channel” — this will be a growing problem for your business to solve. Future users want personalized engagement that’s like surround sound, and not just a single voice. What can create a best connection / balance between your company’s knowledge of the consumer, their messages and user engagement preferences in a multi-publisher fully transparent world?

Yes, consistency across devices is a very good start, but there are more opportunities to leverage your mobile strategy. You must design with a focus to deliver a more intimate experience, more responsive to touch and clicks, and way less clutter.