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BGG Team


Sheila Bacon

EVP, Managing Partner
Sheila is the EVP, Managing Partner, Chief Strategist of BGGMobile and has over 20 plus years experience in pioneering digital solutions on both the agency side as well as client side. Sheila understands organizations and is able to engage with senior leaders to help re-focus to truly differentiate your brand in the market space. Her passion is getting to the right message and delivering that message across digital and social platforms. Sheila enjoys collaborating and has  built hundreds of websites including a global e-commerce portal and delivered award winning social engaging customer-connected communications.

  • Digital, Mobile, Social Strategist 50%
  • CMS UX Developer 40%
  • Content Strategy 85%

Abbie Je’Orge

Community Manager

Abbie is a writer and PR pro who specializes in social media community management, media relations and event planning. Effective at blending writing skills to produce blog posts, guest articles, emails, proposals, social content — she is able to craft your ideas and messages to fit any medium. Abbie is a natural networker who enjoys parsing through all the content available from a client and then determining what to share, how to share and when to share. She is quickly able to see the brand from the perspective of a fan or consumer, and use this point of view to guide his or her engagements with the community; Abbie sees her role as a lifestyle more than a job.

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Engagement Support 30%
  • Community Management 50%

Dave Faven

Lead Graphic Designer

David is our design leader for web/interactive, usability design, graphics, creative development including video and multi-media. With a strong portfolio and blend of technical expertise and creative vision, David brings projects from development through completion.  David is adept at conceiving new design elements while focusing on a practical user interface so that consumers and B2B professionals can get information quickly and in a compelling format that encourages return visits.

  • Photoshop 85%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Illustrator 50%

Winn Fuqua

Aerial Drone Pilot/ Videographer/ Advertising Photographer

Winn is FAA 333 authorized  aerial drone leader for our video development and multi-media. With a strong portfolio and blend of advertising photography expertise and creative vision, Winn brings projects from development through completion.  A portfolio of his work can be seen on various social media outlets including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIN.


  • Commercial Aerial Drone Leader 85%
  • Multi Media 70%
  • Advertising Photography, Videographer 50%

Adaptive Change

If you are just starting out, or have been in business for a century, you must adapt.  And we believe that companies that focus on “smallness” have the habits, cultures and ways of working that give them an advantage over their larger rivals. We’ve noticed that smaller companies have a spark that we like to help ignite to change the lives of everyday people. By acting small companies are more responsive. They are more sensitive to changes in technology and consumer behaviors.

Innovative Ideas

They’re the ideas that set a new standard — those that upended everything that came before. And they each started with somebody just like you. We can all identify the problem. It takes a visionary to see the solution. It also takes an entrepreneur to do something about it– that’s what BGG is all about. Helping you take that spark into action.

Content Curation

Social media runs on content. We are experts in the process of collecting, organizing vast amounts of content and presenting it in a meaningful way. We are cherry pickers for the best content that is important and relevant to share with your communities. We identify the theme, provide the context and annotate. We know how to share this content and have techniques to establish your authority in providing it.


We are in a sharing economy where storytelling is critical because consumers no longer want everything to be mass produced. They want to engage more personally with brands and products. Consumers revived the once forgotten feeling of a big family, reuniting consumers on a personal basis and letting them feel like a member of a huge, national or even international community. At BGG we understand how storytelling connects.

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